Katelyn Dimopoulos | President & Co-Founder

Katelyn is a Master of Architecture student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Born and raised in Alberta, Canada she came to the USA in 2013 to attend Mercer University in Macon, GA. In 2017, she completed her degree in Mechanical Engineering from Mercer University while also competing on the Mercer University Women’s Soccer Team. Katelyn’s passion for architecture stems from learning the ways in which design can be used to enhance physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual well being. As one of the founders of ECO, she hopes to foster a design space that puts environmental awareness at the forefront of everything we do in our workshops, classrooms and design studios.


Rand Zalzala | Vice-President and Co-Founder

Rand Zalzala is in her second year of the M.Arch program. Originally from Iraq, she moved to the United States to pursue an Architectural Studies degree with an environmental design concentration from Oberlin College. She later lived in the Boston to work at Architecture firms focusing on the renovation and reuse of public and higher education buildings, and discovered the importance of current architectural technologies on the environment. Rand is passionate about green design and sustainable practices where she lives. She is one of the co-founder of ECO where she hopes to promote environmental awareness and education at the College of Design.


Chloe Kerneki | Vice-President of Undergraduates

Chloe is a Bachelor of Science in Architecture student born and raised in Atlanta. She grew up along Freedom Park and discovered her love for public spaces there. Since then, she has experienced how parks across the world knit people together and provide common ground. Within architecture, she is interested in exploring how space can foster community between people and their surrounding environment. Through ECO, Chloe is exploring sustainable materials within studios and is interested in embedded material choice and consciousness in the design process from an early point in architecture education.


Nirmit Patel | Treasurer

Nirmit is a Master of Architecture student in Georgia Tech. He grew up in Ahmedabad, a city with a rich history and renowned buildings by architects such as Loius Kahn and Le Corbusier. Growing up here influenced him in a way that he always wanted to be involved with buildings. He did his Bachelors in Civil Engineering while also being part of the soccer and athletics teams in India. Then he worked within India and UAE. And although he was involved in variety of projects, the idea of not influencing the built environment with his designs or ideas irked him. Nirmit believes that architecture is a play of senses and devoiding of it of the external creatures, we restricting it from reaching its full potential. He is a also a proponent of giving back to the world, starting with the environment and that is what he hopes to achieve with ECO.


Weston Byerly | Internal Public Relations

Wes is an M.Arch 3.5 year candidate with Bachelor of Science Concentration of Sustainable Architecture Design and Technologies @ Appalachian State University, He is from Lexington North Carolina. He is also one of the GTA for the College of Design wood shop. He chose to attend Appalachian State for my undergraduate degree because of both the educational and cultural emphasis placed on sustainability. Moving from a university where the majority is a sustainable-minded population, his goal is to bring this same knowledge of sustainability in terms of architecture and day to day living to the campus of Georgia Tech. We have been blessed with this beautiful planet, he believes it is our generation’s time to take action. He is here to help create a sustainable culture at Georgia Tech and hopefully inspire changes which will be carried on for years to come.


Haley Kallem | Media and Marketing Chair

Haley is a third year in the Undergraduate Architecture program at Georgia Tech. She is from Richmond, Virginia. Around Georgia Tech, she is involved with CCF, campus Christian fellowship. She loves to participate in architecture that originates from horizons and the environment with purpose and significance, and she enjoys bringing that into ECO. She also enjoying learning about opportunities of sustainable architecture and to grow her knowledge in this field.


Gill Gingher | Secretary

Gill is a Master of Architecture student at Georgia Tech with a background in Business and Art History from the University of Rochester. Originally from Long Island, NY, Gill moved to Atlanta with her family in 2017. She also lived in New Haven, Rochester, and Milan before officially moving down south. Some of her hobbies include thrifting and researching sustainable fashion and hiking with her dog, Lyla. Gill’s passion for architecture and sustainability manifested itself in her dedication to solutions for the global housing crisis and its connections to climate change. As an aspiring architect, Gill hopes to use her design skills to effect positive change; she sees the world as having an infinite potential for a better tomorrow.