What wellness means to ECO?

In ECO, we take the principles of Wellness Architecture and think about student wellness in a major way. Student wellness comes from having the freedom to make their dreams to life. We encourage a culture of speaking up and helping each other through periods of stagflation whether mental or physical. That leads us to encourage students to design for the betterment of the community, keeping humans as their first priority while designing. Keeping that in mind, we have events that help encourage the touch of nature with humanity which most of us have clearly lost.


Events –

  • Plant a Desk Buddy – This was an event which was organized by ECO to promote Wellness within the Georgia Tech student community which involved adopting a plant as your desk buddy.











  • One of the more recent events, members of ECO and a few other volunteers decided to go on a bike tour to Piedmont Park. We toured the green market and different sites within the Piedmont Park which are of historical importance.